Aha!! The word in itself is so refreshing and gives you a sense of rejuvenation. You can imagine how refreshing it must be to undergo a Spa. The experience that you have seen only in television can be real. Sattva Wellness Centre is one such beautiful place that will help in making your dreams come true. Spas and Ayurveda are two inter connected words because they are each other counterpart. Whenever anyone takes the name of a Spa, an Ayurvedic treatment that consists of massage, oils, packs and relaxation comes to mind. It is a fact that Spa is an Ayurvedic treatment of the modern times.

The Sattva is one such center across Rishikesh that will not only offer best Spa experience, but also bring back the old times with its natural environment when Ayurveda was the only means of treatment of various illnesses. Here you can take advantage of the most suitable spa type that is beneficial to you. The various types of spas and therapies available at the Sattva Spa and Wellness Retreat include; Hydrotherapy, Herbal Body Glow, Aromatherapy, Hawaiian massage, Balinese massage, Thai massage, and Shirodhara therapy mythicalmaids.com. It is very important to understand the most suited type of Spa for yourself to reap maximum benefits out of the same.

There are numerous types of Spas available at the Sattva Spa and Wellness Retreat but there is an exclusive section of spas taken for medical treatments that are known as Medical Spa. Other types of spas are fitness Spas, Day Spa, Hotel Spa and Mineral Springs Spa.

As the name says the motive of a Medical Spa is to free our body from a particular disease using Ayurvedic treatments. The fitness spa involves weight loss therapy, but while turning the same into great fun. Regular exercise and strict diet plans can be boring and hard to follow. A fitness spa will balance your diet and make you workout in a natural environment to give the desired weight loss but without making it a boring procedure. A day Spa refers to a treatment of spa that lasts l for only a day or half, without consuming the night. Hotel Spa is a treatment for travelers staying in a hotel. Mineral Springs Spa is the Hydro therapy done using the sea minerals and water. The types are different but the motive is same for all type of spas. Refreshment, healing and rejuvenating your body mind and soul are the basic purpose The Sattva Spa and Wellness Retreat fulfill.

The invitation to fully experience Being in the lap of Mother Ganga embraced by the Himalayas, is offered at Sattva Spa. Through holistic and Ayurvedic treatments that deeply relax, release stress and detoxify, to using the most highly effective organic ingredients in our products and services, we strive to utilize nature’s intelligence through the treatment of the body for the deepest most transformative experience possible.

We use the Sattva tree as a symbol of pure truth, and It is our offering to you to use this healing spa to branch out and fully investigate the truth of who you are.

Ayurvedic Healing Treatments at The Sattva Spa

Panchakarma Abhyanga Massage

Panchakarma Abhyanga

Panchakarma is not only for detoxifying the body, but also for rejuvenation — strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. It is one of the most effective healing modalities in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when an individual feels out of balance or is experiencing illness.Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means “five actions” or “five treatments”. This is a process used to clean the body of toxic materials left by disease, poor nutrition and environmental toxins. Normally the body has the innate ability to efficiently process and remove these waste materials, including the vitiated doshas. However, due to one’s repeated dietary indiscretions, poor exercise patterns, lifestyle, and genetic predisposition, the digestive enzymes, metabolic co-factors, hormones, and agnis which regulate the body’s internal homeostasis become disorganized. This can lead to the accumulation and spread of toxins throughout the physiology resulting in disease. This waste matter is called ama in Ayurveda. Ama is a foul-smelling, sticky, harmful substance that needs to be completely evacuated from the body.

Panchakarma will remove the excess doshas and correct imbalances in them as well as eliminate the harmful ama out of your system through the body’s own organs and channels of elimination (colon, sweat glands, lungs, bladder, urinary tract, stomach, intestines, etc). Panchakarma purifies the tissues at a very deep level.

It is a very pleasurable experience that is tailored to individual needs and may involve:

Daily warm oil massage (abhyanga)
Herbal steam therapy (swedana)
Lymphatic massage
Herbal enemas (basti)
Nasal administrations (nasya)
Other special treatments (see treatments below)
Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma as a seasonal treatment for maintaining mental and physical hygiene and balance.

Panchakarma is a five-fold therapy; it is highly individualized based on the needs of the individual depending on the Ayurvedic constitutional type, doshic imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, and many other factors. Depending on each individual’s needs, all or only parts of the five therapies are utilized. Specially trained therapists must administer these procedures in an exact sequence for a specified period of time. In addition, although Panchakarma is for the most part a delightful and comfortable therapy, there can be periods of discomfort associated with the profound release of toxins, which does occur. It is therefore essential that a knowledgeable expert who can recognize the signs of properly and improperly administered Panchakarma supervise the therapy. Fortunately these signs were meticulously recorded by the ancient vaidyas.

Like all medical procedures, Panchakarma Therapy always must begin with an initial consultation by a qualified Ayurvedic Physician who can determine the individual’s prakriti (constitutional type), the nature of the health problem (if any), and the appropriate degree of intensity of the prescribed therapies.

Panchakarma treatments have been shown to create measurable brain wave coherence and to lower metabolic activity. They allow the body and mind to drop into a profound level of peacefulness. In this state of relaxation, it is possible to cleanse toxins from tissues as well as to release deeply held emotional tensions.vaje




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Kati Basti Ayurvedic Treatment

Kati Basti

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