In Sanskrit, Sattva means whole, complete, truth.. The vision with Sattva was to create a sanctuary for evolution and transformation. We wanted to keep the ancient yogic tradition, ethos and values alive, while at the same time providing a nourishing environment for the body mind and soul to rejuvenate.πορνο.tv σιρινα

Sattva is the perfect balance of Shiva and Shakti of the yin and the yang of the East and the West of the sun and the moon.. We have used indigenous local products and resources but at the same time infused the space with contemporary touches. We wanted to create a space where the moment you entered you felt held in love. It as an authentic place versus a fabricated 5 star property, which creates a bubble or a separation from reality.

Sattva is a whole new pioneer in the way we approach spirituality, wellness and personal expansion. We keep our place comfortable and nurturing and use natural ingredients from the food grown in our garden to the products that we use at the space, which are all without chemicals. It is a self sustained environment where we have our own water, grow our own food and have our own carbon footprint.

We believe at the Sattva our existence is to be a support to the earth not a burden. Our vision at Sattva is to go deep authentically where you don’t have to suffer, here we are able to experience a deeper connection to our true self. We celebrate life, while at the same time are aware of the immense opportunities to heal, expand and find the deepest peace, love and joy that anyone has experienced.

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