History Of Sacred Grounds

The Sattva Retreat is located on a sacred pilgrimage route that the yogis and the rishis used in ancient times on their journey to the higher Himalayas. The village around the Sattva is called Mohan Shakti named after adi yogi or the first master of yoga, Shiva himself. There is an ancient temple in the village that pilgrims used to stop and pay their respect at on their way to the high Himalayas. One can still visit and do ceremony at the temple.

The Sattva land itself is sacred. As you step on the land you feel the powerful yogic vibrations, which are very immanent at the Sattva. Surrounded by the Shiva Lake mountain range (dreadlocks of Shiva) of the lower Himalayas, with 2 valleys meeting at the point where the Sattva is located, the energy is suitable for healing yoga and mediation. All of the property is facing east, therefore the first rays of the rising sun greet you over the Hymalaya’s and the fresh water Himalayan stream acts as a nurturing reminder of the grace or love that is ever present in life. We invite you to explore these sacred vibrations and through them your own sacred nature.

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